RELAX + REBALANCE: restorative yoga, aromatherapy + reiki


with Kathi Kizirnis and Janet Sweeney

pre-registration only  /  space limited to 12 participants  /  no yoga experience necessary
$35 / class or $115 / 4-pack (six-month expiration)


Hey, “Type As” (and everyone else): Deep, healing rest should be at the top of your To-Do list!

R+R is passive, supported yoga asanas (restorative postures, all on the floor), powerful therapeutic essential oils (optional), guided relaxation, breath awareness and reiki, a gentle Japanese energy therapy (also optional).

These modalities calm the nervous system, creating fertile ground for new levels of balance, ease, restoration and healing.

Kathi has lots of training and experience with restorative yoga (specialized certification coming soon); each student gets lots of hands-on assistance for maximum ease and effectiveness.

All levels welcome; no yoga experience is necessary. Come give yourself the healthy break you’ve been needing!



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