Janet Sweeney, Instructor and Office Goddess Extraordinaire_CDB2573

1. Where are you from? The universe of Kansas.

2. How long have you lived in the Dayton area? In and around Dayton/Middletown since 1968 (with a short year or so in Dallas).

3. How long practicing? Teaching? Practicing since 2005, I think; thanks to Kim Carter who offered free classes when she first began teaching. And I’ve been teaching since 2012 (a few sub gigs before then)

4. Favorite pose? Wow. On any given day it’s something different, but I always love adho mukha svanasana (down dog) and its complement, urdhva mukha svasana (up dog). Down dog for restful quality and finding ground; up dog because there is joy.

5. Favorite color? Animal? Clearly turquoise and various blues, the color of sky and ocean. Love cats large and small because of the way they move, with intention and grace.

6. What’s your dream vacation? Anywhere! Always love the ocean and being out amongst people. I like to pretend I live in the place I vacation. (i.e. act like a local!)

7. Fondest memory? Holy crap, I have 64+ years of memories. One of my favorites is helping my mom in the kitchen, especially at thanksgiving. She would get up extra early, still dark, to begin. I would get up, too; and it was just mom and me. She always found small jobs for small hands; and the kitchen felt warm and safe.

8. Least fond memory? There are so many; usually involving errors on my part. And some I’ve spent many years attempting to release to the universe. The worst involves abuse at the hands of someone close to me. That is all I am comfortable saying.

9. Any words of wisdom? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” has always been a sort of mantra.

10. A random interesting tidbit? My name is Janet and I do not know how to ride a bicycle. There! My secret is out!

11. What is your deepest wish for your students? I would hope that my students find some sort of peace and acceptance within themselves. So many of us walk around with emotional baggage that inserts itself into our lives and our bodies; finding peace within, however temporary, can begin a healing process.

12. To what/ whom will you dedicate your practice to this week? This week, my practice is dedicated to my Aunt Marjorie and her family; she is 90, very frail and now ill and probably in the process of leaving this life. Her granddaughter is helping take care of her and, every day during practice and meditation, I send energy and love to them.

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