Restorative Yoga Therapy

Practice Yoga-431Our private Restorative Yoga Therapy sessions comprise a unique layering of modalities  — RESTORATIVE (SUPPORTED) POSITIONS, SIMPLE MOVEMENT, GUIDED MEDITATION/RELAXATION, REIKI AND/OR AROMATHERAPY — to relieve common symptoms of life stress and support healing.

When deeply relaxed, our bodies and minds access reserves of strength and healing.

Athletes know the power (and necessity) of rest and recovery periods for optimal performance. Just as muscles need time to repair and strengthen after exertion, our neurological, hormonal and structural systems require down-time for health and efficiency. The brain’s capacity to heal itself is well-documented in medical research.

Medicine addresses ‘what’s wrong'; restorative practices support ‘what’s right.’

In our highly stimulated, ‘fight or flight’ lifestyles and culture, the ability to ‘rest and digest’ has become a valuable skill, if not a lost art (no, ‘relaxing’ in front of the TV doesn’t count!).

Academic and medical studies show that restorative practices relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, arthritis and fibromyalgia, to name a few, and minimize recovery time from cancer treatments and cardiac events. And plenty more research is underway.

Restorative Yoga Therapy is effective for everyone, regardless of age, mobility or health. The protocols help those with PAIN, ANXIETY and other common maladies, but also offer powerful, palpable balancing effects for those who have none of those symptoms.

We might use one or all of the modalities in a session, depending on your needs and preferences.

Sessions are best held at our studio because of the number of props (bolsters, blankets, etc.) that are often used, but can be held off-site for a nominal fee, depending on distance.

Please call 937-321-7676 or email with questions or to make an appointment.

Kathi Kizirnis, RYT 500 and PY owner, has extensive training in therapeutic applications of yoga and reiki, and is an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist-in-training (completion June 2015). See her bio here.

PRICING: :: Restorative Yoga Therapy Single Session (75 min.): $75 :: 4-Pack Restorative Yoga Therapy: $255. | Please see Pricing/Policies page for expiration and refund information. You may purchase online, but must call to make appointment.