corporate wellness program

Practice Yoga offers small- and large-group yoga classes with a skilled, experienced RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) at your office or at our downtown studio. We’ll create a customized program to meet your group’s needs.

Functional Alignment classes, which focus on healthy biomechanics for posture and movement, are particularly helpful to professionals who spend a lot of time at desks or on the road.

Yoga offers increased wellness for everyone — all body types, physical abilities, ages, personalities, ethnicities and religions. Our students include marathon runners and those recovering from serious illness/injury; grandmothers and college students.

Would your company benefit from: • higher productivity and increased creativity • fewer repetitive-stress injuries (low-back and neck issues, carpal tunnel syndrome) • decreased absenteeism • stronger team relationships • happier, healthier employees?

Medical studies continue to document the physiological effects of asana (posture), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation practices. Immediate benefits include: •  easing of aches and pains • less muscle tension • clearer thinking, improved mental focus • fuller, easier breathing • relaxation and overall feeling of well-being • increased body awareness

With regular practice, you can expect: • more energy • increased muscle strength and flexibility • improved balance • better postural alignment • increased lung capacity and cardiovascular function • better sleep • increased immune function

Here’s what to expect from your first class: • simple breath-awareness exercises • a few basic, accessible postures (asanas) with modifications for all levels and body types • exercises that target key muscle groups and/or actions for safe asana practice • tips for improving posture and biomechanics in daily life • guided relaxation and/or meditation.

Our studio is centrally located in downtown’s Oregon Arts District and is available for semi-private classes most weekday mornings and some afternoons. We will travel to your site, and require a clean, quiet room with ample floor and wall space. Each student will need a yoga mat; for classes held at our studio, you may borrow ours.

Pricing:One-time class (75 min.): $125 • Four-class series (45-60 min.): $400 • Eight-class series: $680. Rates are for as many as 15 students; minimal per-student fee added for larger groups. Travel fee added for sites outside 15-mile radius of the studio. Ask about our referral and bulk-package discounts.

Call 937-321-7676 to schedule a one-time class or workshop or a series of classes for your group.