PracticeYoga5784WHY BECOME A MEMBER?

If you practice at Practice, you know it’s a special place. We’re honored to know you as MUCH MORE THAN A CLIENT, to CONNECT as a community and help you GROW physically and spiritually. We value long-term, mutually supportive relationships, and WELCOME ALL.

It takes a village, so to speak, to support our team of DEDICATED TEACHERS, all of whom are committed to ongoing training, and to maintain our commitment to INDIVIDUALIZED AND MEANINGFUL INSTRUCTION. And we’re excited about new opportunities to grow and to serve the Dayton area with instruction and support to individuals and groups that might not have the financial resources to pay for studio classes [ stay tuned for more on our SERVICE PROJECTS ].

You can help us and yourself by committing to a membership and taking advantage of some great perks!


 • Year Unlimited [$825]

• Quarter Unlimited autopay contract [$210 every 3 mos.]

• Month Unlimited autopay contract [$80 every month]

You get: • Discounted pass/ per-class rates (above) • Discounted workshops (usually $25) • 10 percent off retail (except essential oils) • 10 percent off private/semi-private sessions (Personal Yoga Training + Restorative Yoga Therapy, Reiki) • Unlimited guest visits (bring a friend/family member free; 1 visit per guest) • Priority online reservations • Free monthly classes/events

:: COMING SOON: PY Premium Membership, an add-on feature with extra benefits.
As always, please call 937-321-7676 or email ( us with questions.


**The fine print: You may ‘freeze’ your membership once yearly for a minimum of 10 days, maximum six weeks. Request must be submitted via email at least two weeks prior to freeze (except in case of injury/emergency). Click here to view contract.

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